Typical Ceremony

What does a Ceremony look Like?

The answer to that questions depends largely on the two of you. No ceremony is the same and nothing is ever set in stone. We can help you create as much of your ceremony as you like or we can create it for you. Most of the couples we marry want a ceremony that will run about 20 minutes, be slightly contemporary and romantic with a hint of humour. They don’t want a boring ceremony that will feel contractual. In BC three things have to happen:

  1. Exchange Vows
  2. Be Pronounced Married, and
  3. Sign a Marriage License

Much of the rest is up to personal preference. Have fun as you dream

Below is an outline that you can later use our tools to develop

Ceremony Order - Sample

No ceremony is set in stone but we have found that something similar to the following has a nice flow to it. On average, our wedding ceremonies run about 20 minutes and have a relaxed feel to them

Processional bridal party make their entrance (Music Suggestion: choose 1 song for the bridesmaids and 1 song for the bride to enter)

Opening Words (That’s Me)

Presentation of the Bride (optional) E.G. - “Who gives this woman to be married to this man”

Readings (optional) This is a place where you could insert a romantic reading, or scripture or have a guest or family member take a couple of minutes address you and the guests

Ceremony Element: (optional) This is a place where you could have a special piece of music, or someone close to you come and share something. Once couple had their grandparents come and give them some advice. Another couple had their best friend sing.

Thoughts from Me to You I take 4-6 minutes to share something from myself to you - I try to create something different for every couple I marry. This adds a personal touch to the ceremony

Wedding Vows Select a vow that reflects your personality and style or write your own. Vows can be repeated after me (most popular), Read (if the selection is long) or memorized (only for the courageous)

Ring Exchange Vow Select a ring exchange vow - you’ll find these are shorter

Declaration (that’s me) I pronounce you husband and wife


Ceremony Element (optional) Here you can add one of several different ceremonies, ie. hand ceremony, sand ceremony, dove release, or anything else you can dream up, etc.

2nd Reading (optional)

Signing the Marriage License Select a song that will run a minimum of 3 minutes.

You two and two witnesses will sign the paperwork and make it official

Kodak Moment (optional) We gather the entire wedding party together so that all the guests can take 20 seconds to take some pictures

Announcements things like:

  1. Bride and groom are going for pictures
  2. There will be refreshments
  3. The time of the reception is _____

Benediction (optional) For those that desire, I have included some sample Benediction prayers.

Closing Words (me again)

Recessional Choose an up beat song as you make your exit and everyone cheers, takes pictures and claps.

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