Communication – Commitment – Creativity

The marriage relationship is the most important relationship in your life that you will have. It is important to invest your time into making this the best it can be, before and during it.

Tools: We will help you gain the tools needed to sustain a vital, strong marriage. We will look at the strengths of your relationship, we will give you tools to help the areas that need more growth. These are tools that you will continue to use and resources you can use all throughout your marriage

So many times when we are contemplating marriage we think about the actual wedding day and not necessarily what it will be like after the wedding. We invest so much time into the day and forget that what happens after is what really matters. What does it really mean when we take our vows? Is the “d” word lurking in the back of our heads in case it doesn’t work out? Marriage does not have to be that way. You can have an incredible, exciting , loving marriage, it just takes some work and investing in each other.

Being married for over 25 years Patrick and Camilla have lived through some fantastic highs and some very difficult times and yet we know that there is still so much more to come and we can live an incredibly fulfilled life with each other as we keep consciously working on ourselves and on our relationship.

Your relationship with your spouse or soon to be spouse can be one where you can’t wait to get home from work. Where you look forward to being with each other and are inspired by one another. Let us show you how to keep that or how to get that back.

I believe that there are 3 keys in the marriage relationship that can keep your marriage alive and fulfilling.

Communication: Know how to communicate so that you really hear and understand what the other is saying is vital in keeping your marriage on a good path.

Commitment: The importance of this in a relationship is vital to everything else falling into place. Commitment is a choice that needs to be made, sometimes, daily.

Creativity: It is easy to get into a rhythm of life and stay there. Being creative and choosing to have fun and make fun keeps your relationship alive and exciting and helps to build good memories and ties to each other.

Let’s work together to make the rest of your lives together what you hope and dream it can be.


  1. Complete Package $550.00 (taxes incl.)
  2. Service includes: Six 60 minute sessions.

    Online Assessment

    A comprehensive 10 page document outlining your strength and growth areas that aid in understanding each other

  3. Introductory Package: $125.00
  4. Service includes: One 60 minute Session.

    Online Assessment

    A comprehensive 10 page document outlining your strength and growth areas that aid in understanding each other

    After this session you have the option to continue with additional sessions at $95.00 per session

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