Marriage Preparation Course


Patrick and Camilla have been married for 18 years and have lots of life experience to draw from

Our program includes four - 1 hour sessions,  and completion of a 165 question inventory. This inventory will then be used to customize your following four sessions. Each of your sessions can be scheduled for times that fit well into your own personal calendar.

The price for this course is $425.


We provide couples with the opportunity to increase their awareness and understanding of key marital issues and to develop the interpersonal skills necessary to strengthen their relationship.


Our goal is to help couples maximize their potential for developing mutually satisfying relationships on which to build lasting marriages and healthy families.


Numerous studies show that couples who attend marriage preparation courses and/or counselling increase their ability to resolve differences, and are more ready to seek professional help before their relationships face serious difficulties.


We cover such topics as: Strength & Growth Areas, Communication Skills, Conflict Resolution Skills, Family of Origin Issues, Financial Issues, Intimacy & Sexuality, Values & Beliefs, Personal, Couple, and Family Goals


We utilize a number of tools in this process, including:

The internationally recognized Prepare/Enrich Inventories program- a 165 question inventory assessing relationship strength and growth areas in 15 categories. Couple questionnaires or couple inventories are not tests. There are no right or wrong answers. Each individual will answer questions touching on all aspects of married life. The responses are compared with not only each other’s, but also to exhaustive counselling research. The resulting comprehensive report is an inventory of your couple strengths or building blocks and challenges or stumbling stones.


Make an investment in your relationship today.